Hi, I'm Shahid Khan. I design brand identities and run a branding & web design studio from Mumbai, India.
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Building sustainable brands is our mission!

Founder, Intrapp

Hi, I'm Shahid Khan. With my passion for design and technology, I create timeless brand identities that help companies build sustainable brands for the future.  I'm a Founder and Creative Director at Inktrapp - a branding and web design studio for SaaS startups.

I started my journey as a freelance graphic designer and served numerous clients from the tech industry. Now, with my branding agency, I strive to provide better service and experience to our clients at scale.

Besides work, I keep working on some side projects that help the design community, and I'm planning to build a few SaaS products in the future. If you're looking for a creative partner to help you with your brand, let's connect!
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